The Maker of Things, February 20, 2022

History shows that most people were a maker of something or another.  Tools in which to do work, clothing for our backs, to rugs to keep the floors warm.  One could not simply go to the store to purchase what they required.  Today, we have a 'throw away' mentality because we can so easily go and purchase whatever it is that is needed.

When something breaks or doesn't work correctly, a lot of us, myself included, would not take the time to 'figure out' how to fix it, we throw it away and purchase another. At breakfast the other day with my parents, who will both be 80 this year, we were talking about their toaster and how it had broken for what seemed liked the millionth time.  Dad had fixed it numerous times but now there was no going back, a new toaster was required.  When my parents were growing up, things were not easily purchased and money was short.  They would try to fix things without throwing them away. 

It was a good reminder for myself, the next time something breaks to take the time to figure out how I may be able to fix it myself.

I am a maker of rugs for my floor and walls and I am so thankful for the ability to create.  It feeds my soul.

I had started a new rug last week called 'Laughing Whale'.  I have a bit more done on him, some tweaks I plan to do a little later.  The hooking of 'other fibres' is not my thing.  Hooking this Whale with the alternate yarns and such Jane had supplied with the pattern, I have to admit, is a struggle for me.  It reminded me why I love rug hooking with wool fabric.  I keep trying to go out of my comfort zone by trying other things but I know what I like and I know I should stick with that.  This rug may be another rug that takes a bit longer to get done.

In the mail this week; Carol Anne Cowan shared her wonderful rug she has called Morden Shore, her original design. Della's Rug Hooking Studio supplied a couple of the colours in her rug.  I love the framing she has put around it and the little ledge shelf.

Clare NYE, has been working on her specially designed tree skirt of her cats.  Della's Rug Hooking has supplied some of the wool fabric.  Thanks so much Clare for sharing your rug, keep going can't wait to see more.

Have an awesome week everyone.


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  • Awesome message in your blog Della, love your Laughing Wale. Have a Great New Week

    • Susan Walsh
  • Love the placement of your colors in your whale piece. Really original!!!

    • Ruth Reenstre
  • LOVE the sky in your Laughing Whale rug! It is gorgeous!

    • Debra Ackles Adams
  • Love the tree skirt. hope to see a picture of a completed one

    • Barbara Savary