Woolstock Week Is Over! August 25, 2019

All things fibre, what a week they had at Woolstock in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. This is a small town but mighty with their passion for fibre.

I was fortunate to be a part of the Woolstock Fibre Village and Market yesterday. What fun I had at my very first event like this. My booth was small but mighty. I so enjoyed the brother and sister playing music all day. The spinners in the center of the arena doing their thing, it was so peaceful. The below picture is of the many volunteers that helped out this day. You should recognize some faces. They were so happy to watch our table while we shopped, or got something to eat. I borrowed (ok I copied) this picture from the Sisterhood Fibre's facebook page. Notice the pom pom sheep? So cute!www.sisterhoodfibres.com

I purchased this sweet felted sheep from Lois of Tuckamoor Wildcrafts. This lady is super talented.

I snagged this picture as well from the Sisterhood Fibres facebook page which is an aerial view of the event. The quilts that lined the walls were beautiful. I'll post them on my facebook site for you all to enjoy.

Side view of the pom pom sheep. The kids and adults enjoyed decorating the sheep.

My area.

Denver wanted to experiment with tie dyeing this week. We got some dyes and away he went and his results were awesome I think!


Have an awesome week everyone!

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