What NOT To Do! September 12, 2021

I do a lot of dyeing.  Almost daily. Today thankfully I wasn't standing over my electric range when there was an explosion as you can see by the above picture.  Have you ever turned on the wrong burners on your stove? Yep, I have as well and today was another 'one' of those times.  Unfortunately the incorrect burner had 3 casserole dishes on it.  The heat caused the bottom casserole dish to expode..... everywhere.  I was in my studio putting away wool, I was in my bare feet so I knew I couldn't run into the dye kitchen in my bare feet.  I ran upstairs to get footwear on and turned off the burners immediately because at this point I wasn't sure exactly what had happened.  It was a mess to say the least to clean up.  I will be finding glass for weeks I am sure.

When you are at a Japanese restaurant having supper and you are served salad and soup, don't mistake the soup as a vinaigrette for your salad.

I have a question, if I were to begin stocking Pearl Cotton threads by Valdani, would there be any interest in this?  You can leave me a comment, email me, comment on my Facebook page or send me a private message.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I finished my Wash Day rug.  It was so fun to do.  I crocheted the edges rather than whipping.  The plaid I picked for the border I think is perfect.  This rug is for sale!

In the Mail this week; Lori Nieckarz has finished another of her rugs for her grandchildren.  Can you guess their names?  She has one more to do.  Thanks Lori for sharing with us!

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Love Valdani thread. Would be nice to have it close to home. 12 wt.

    • Christine McCarthy
  • Good Gravey Girly! Make sure you keep your feet in some footwear for the next while! Glad you were not hurt!

    • Debra Ackles Adams
  • Yes to the Valdani!!!! If I want or need it, I have to go to Westville!!!! So yes, please!!!!

    • Sandra
  • I would love it if you carried the Valdani thread. I rug hook but also do wool appliqué. We do not have a supplier here in Moncton for Valdani thread 12 ct and 8 ct.

    Thanks Della

    • Sylvia RIbble
  • Yes I’m interested in the valdani threads


    • Marie van Berkel