Victoria Day, May 22, 2017

Happy Victoria 'long weekend' for you Canadian folks.  For many people it marks the beginning of camping season.  We use to camp and we always looked forward to this first long weekend camping.

The sun shone all weekend, looked beautiful out but it was bitter cold!  The poor weee baby birdies were probably freezing!  Hope my flowers survive it.  The wind blew hard as well which didn't help matters.  I'm sure those camping were snuggled in their campers just fine.

As I was mowing this evening, I noticed my asylums are in full bloom, aren't they pretty?

I managed to wash (scrub) my CRV today, there was so much bug juice on the windshield from our travels to Halifax this week.  The good thing about it being cold this weekend, no bugs!  Always a silver lining to everything and truth be told, I'd prefer it a little cool to warmth any day.  Unless I have a pool out back (which I don't), I can always bundle up to get warm but once I'm hot, man it is hard to get cooled down.

A few more pictures of my pretty perennial flowers, phlox and white Nancy.

You might be saying, 'what does this have to do with rug hooking?'.  My answer, inspiration.  It is all around us.  Once things were settled tonight I thought I would try dyeing up some new colors.  It is so much fun to play in the dye pots.

Earlier this week someone had posted a picture of lilacs.  Ours are not out yet in our neck of the woods and I don't have a lilac bush but my sister does.  I love these beautiful flowers and their smell is just wonderful.  That picture was my inspiration to create a pretty lilac color.  I can't wait to  see how this turns out!

Purples are difficult I find to take a good photo of but believe me this is gorgeous!

I also dyed up some orange and a beautiful multi color brown/green.

My timer just went off so it is ready to come out of the oven.  Stay tuned to see the results which I'll post on my facebook 'Della's Rug Hooking' group.

I hooked a bit on my 'provincial rug', see cover photo for this blog.  I'm really loving the red.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get more done on my rug.  There always seems so much to do!

Have a fabulous week everyone and ensure you pick up your hook at least a few times this week to pull a few loops.


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