To Do Lists, September 20, 2020

Do you find yourself constantly, making either mental or physical check list of things to get done? Does it give you satisfaction when the task is completed? Sometimes it can be overwhelming. I find even though I'm now retired, when the weekend comes, I have an enormous 'checklist' in my head of things to get done. One of them is always housework. Frankly, it gets in the way of fun things to do but is a necessary evil. The past two weekends, I've been feeling quite pleased with my mental list because both weekends, I've accomplished a lot. Do you find you make more work for yourself when perhaps it isn't needed? That happens to me all the time. I was given a huge zucchini (thanks Donna), note the word 'huge'. Have I ever baked with zucchini? No! Do I love baked goods with zucchini in it? Yes! Barb Black shared with me her zucchini loaf recipe. I ended up after making two zucchini loaves, 8 bags of 2 1/2 cups of zucchini to put in the freezer. If anyone is in need of zucchini this winter, come see me! Last weekend I made brown bread and white bread. Do I need to be eating that? No! You get the idea of the lists that keep growing as we add things to it.

Hooking is the same. We start a project, something else catches our eye or we get 'an idea' and off we go down another path while our projects pile up. My friend Shelley when she began hooking, I advised her to 'not start a new project until you finish the one you are working on'. She reminds me of this often as I don't abide by my own advice. I began a project Friday night that excited me and I wanted to start it right away. It is going to be a Christmas gift. I love little projects that can be done up quickly. That sense of accomplishment again. See picture below of my progress.

Della's Rug Hooking Studio is now carrying 4 ply Super 100% wool yarn, hand dyed. Check out the web site for the pretty colours available.

New colours of wool yarn in the studio, Peacock, Diamond and Wonderlite.


This week in the mail, The Northport Loopers started their weekly rug hooking group back up last week and I was able to attend. Polly Verstraten had finished her Maud Lewis. Isn't it beautiful?

Have a good week everyone. Hurricane Teddy is headed our way this week so please stay safe!

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