Time Change & Spring, March 09, 2020

The spring daylight savings time change occurred yesterday and I for one am happy for it as I found myself waking an hour earlier for the past month.

I typically write this blog on Sunday evenings and last night I just couldn't do it, I was tired and went to bed instead.

The picture above is of my CRV with my new magnetic picture of my business logo. You will see me coming now!

Where do you get your inspiration to hook your rugs? I love going to hooking gatherings whether they are actual hook-in's or get a together at someone's house, seeing other peoples work, inspires me. Nature around me inspires me. When the sun shines, it makes a body feel good and you can see more around you. I think Spring is near here in Nova Scotia, the syrup is running and I can feel the energy of excitement around me as people look forward to warmer weather.

I was in Cuba last week and there was lots of sun shine and warm weather. The beautiful water, palm trees, artwork on the walls, inspires me. I've seen hooked silhouettes of animals, trees, etc like the below and they looked fabulous so perhaps I'll try to hook one.

I finished my Heart I had started on the Rug Hooking cruise and I've hung it on my wall in my studio. I whipped a piece of brown wool fabric to the back.

Some close ups of it and the back of this rug.


I finished hooking my LOVE pattern by Dawn Langham. I'm working on crocheting the edge.

This week in the mail, Jennifer hooked this beautiful pattern and used some of my wool within the leaves.

Carolyn finished up her flowers, the background color is from Della's Rug Hooking studio. Wonderful job on the shading Carolyn.

Krista completed her rug and used a lot of wool from Della's Rug Hooking Studio.

Mary sent me this picture below and the dress is wool from Della's Rug Hooking Studio. It is gorgeous I think.

Barb finished her rug and the gold background is wool from my studio. The words are from a song her husband wrote.

EVENTS coming up, mark your calendars, Town & Country Thrummers, annual Hook-In, April 7th, 2020, Knights of Columbus, 5 Robie Street, Amherst, RSVP, Lynne, Lines, lwlines@eastlink.ca.

Wednesday, Mach 11th, Lynne and I are hosting a Hooking and Framing a Miniature Project here at the studio for the Seniors College. This should be fun!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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