The Power of Giving


Until we need it, we don't realize how the simplest gesture, kind word or actions of others can change a person's day. I said to my mother the other day, and by the way, I believe she is the strongest woman I know, it is easy to be negative but a whole lot of work to be positive. Mom was encouraging me to think positively.  I think I am a pretty positive person until circumstances happen that shows you, you aren't as positive as you thought you were.  I would like to thank all of you who have wished me well after my surgery, sent cards, gifts, visits, sent food and kind words of encouragement.  You truly don't know the impact that has on a person.

Winnie Glavine is from Newfoundland,  Winnie enjoys sharing her knowledge of Rug Hooking. Friday I watched one of Winnie's videos where she was sharing how to make a Christmas tree ornament. Watching her video inspired me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get up and hook a tree, or two or three.  Below is my start on this project.  Thanks Winnie for all you do.


I finished up prior to having surgery this lovely Saint Nick pattern below, which is available from my studio.


In the mail this week; talking about kindness, Rennie Roop read my blog last week and saw that I had no photos submitted by customers and she wanted to share her finished rugs so I would have something for this weeks blog.  How kind is that?  I do appreciate you all allowing me to share your work as it could inspire someone.

The bench rug was a 2 year project and it is gorgeous!


The pillow was an emotional project that Rennie finished in 5 days, her mother-in-law was diagnosed with dementia and Rennie hooked this image of her and her husband with flying fingers and a broken heart.  Thanks for sharing Rennie.


Aileen Cassells shared the below rug she hooked for her friend Sonia.  She created the design from a 1916 painting by Tom Thompson called Woodland Waterfall.  Aileen noted several wool yarns are in this piece that have been purchased from Della's Rug Hooking Studio.  Thanks Aileen for sharing.


Have a great week everyone.



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  • Beautiful rugs! Hope you are well on the road to a wonderful recovery <3

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams