The Little Things, May 18, 2020

I think we have a greater appreciation for 'the little things' in life. This can mean different things for different people. When you have your ability to go where you want, when you want taken away since Covid-19, you are to stay home as much as possible, social distance, no hugging of family and friends that don't live with you, things we took for granted have more meaning now. I appreciate seeing the pretty sky at sunset and thankful that I am able to stand outside to witness such beauty. I've never baked so much as I have over the past two months, I so appreciate the baking skills my mother taught me growing up and how a loaf of fresh bread out of the oven smells. My parents have always had a vegetable garden, I knew this was just not something I wanted to do, I did try one year with not much success. My parents grow beans in their garden every year and I remember as a kid laying out the beans to dry then chucking the beans and putting them in bottles. Mom would make us baked beans and as a kid I didn't like it much. Today I love the smell of beans baking, the little things.

Nova Scotia, announced on Friday, May 15th, 2020 that we could now socialize with one family group, referred to as a 'bubble family'. I went grocery shopping on Saturday, I've been trying to keep moving the, '1 day a week' shopping, to be 8 days or 9 days instead of 7, see how far I could go without having to go to the grocery store. I find it stressful going shopping, wear a mask or not to wear a mask, wear gloves or not to wear gloves, wash on entry and exit or not to, watch the lines on the floor, watch out for other people so that I don't get too close or they don't get too close. Don't touch my face, dispose of gloves before touching my car, etc you get the idea. My bubble family were coming to visit today. I couldn't believe how excited I was! I had to stock up on food for my company, and plan meals. The atmosphere in the grocery store was so different compared to other times I’ve been grocery shopping . People had smiles on their faces, people had their heads up rather than down, less evidence of people wearing masks. I could 'feel' the air was lighter in the store. Was it lighter because I perceived it that way as I was excited about company coming? Don't know, but it was a nice change for sure.

The grand children at the top of this blog are so sweet, I am so fortunate.

I have begun making the clay handled pencil hooks or those that like to crochet, can also use these. My mother crochets and finds it hard to hold onto the crochet hook and asked me to make some clay handles for her as well. Aren't these pretty? The one with the 'x' has sold.

In the mail this week, Isabel shared her rug she finished, a Janine Broscious pattern. Isabel is a new rug hooker and I think she did an awesome job.

Happy Victoria long weekend and enjoy your bubble family!

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