The Fairwell, The Queens Wave, Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Butt On Your Way OUT!


We all hope to have seen the last of winter right? When it decided to come, it doesn't know when it has worn out it's welcome!  Time to go and please don't come back until next winter!  We have had some very wet and heavy snow in the last week.  I know I am the reason winter decided to come back.  We got out our BBQ and deck furniture last weekend.  I refused to put it back when I heard of the pending storm, nope, Mr Winter, my summer stuff is here to stay! The feet may be little in the above photo but they sure can kick winter goodbye!

I had mentioned in last weeks post that I had finally finished a baby afghan I was making for my new granddaughter, Alina. I forgot to take a photo of the blanket before I gave it to my daughter but below you can see it being put to good use.

I have been working on a pattern I purchased when I visited the Loopy Wool Studio. I wanted to try one of their pre-printed colour patterns.  I also decided I would punch it with wool yarn.  Why? Why did I think I would like punching with wool yarn any better than I did the only other rug I had punched with yarn?  I will get it done and I'll be grumbling all the way!

        (back side)  (front side)

In the mail this week; Kim MacKenzie finished up this fabulous pattern by Encompassing Designs. Thanks for sharing Kim!

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Love the quilt and the wonderful recipient . You are very fortunate as is Alina to have such a thoughtful and loving Grammy. XO

    • Doris Norman
  • Congratulations Della! Your granddaughter is beautiful and your baby Afghan is a wonderful gift for her to cherish for a lifetime. My mom both my kids blankets and now they have them for their babies. Hope to see you at rug school!

    • Cathy Michael
  • Alina’s afghan is beautiful! Oh, those tiny sweet toes <3

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams