Sunny Days, Fathers Day

The above photo was taken the other day showing a reflection of the sky in the top of my glass top table.  I thought it was such a pretty photo.

Has it ever not been nice on Father’s Day?  I know I am so fortunate to still have my dad. He is always so helpful and ready to lend a helping hand if he can. Celebrate your dad whether he is here or not.

I have finished punching my mini punch pattern by Sew Cherished. Now to think of what I will attach it to.

In the mail this week, I don’t have any customer finished rugs to share this week.

On Wednesday of last week, I had the pleasure of having the Carnegie Rug Hookers visit.  I knew a few would be visiting but had no idea a bus load of 28 gals was arriving!  What fun.  Thank goodness for my mom who lives next to me, noticed the bus and came to my rescue quickly.  Thanks again for the ladies taking the time to visit my studio, it truly means a lot!

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Lovely photo in your glass tabletop Della. It certainly captured a moment.
    Sending hugs and smiles from London Ontario and Wishing you a Happy Summer

    • Susan Walsh
  • Great pic of the clouds and great pic of your Dad! You are indeed very fortunate to have him <3

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams
  • Hi Della…I always look forward to your Blog…..I like the reflecting light on your coffee table…those clouds look so soft..

    • Derrah Linda