Summer Time, July 16, 2017

I think it is officially summer now.  Warm weather, lots of bugs.  Hold onto it as long as you can, the warmer weather part, the bugs, well they can just fly away!

It has been a very busy week here at the shop.  I received my textured/plaids I had ordered from Heavens to Betsy, they are so lovely.  Come into the shop to see them!

Yesterday my brother in-law and son worked away at building a ramp for my husbands wheelchair.  So happy to see one finally coming together.  Lots more work to be done but knowing my brother in-law, it'll be done in no time.

Monday, we took our grandson to Halifax to have some teeth removed and a few fillings done.  He was such a good boy about the whole thing and Grammy said we need to have a picture of you.  He laughed on the way home because he couldn't say certain words starting with the letters P or B.  Wish I could have recorded him talking, was hilarious.  He's decided he wants to let his hair grow long.  Makes him look older I find the longer it is.

I finished moving my studio around in my home and my husband had built me a new dye table and rack to hold my wool.  Love how it is all coming together.

Today I was back in the dye pots creating all those favorites of yours.  Don't they look beautiful stacked in a pile?

I've placed my Canadian Flag, provincial flower rug on the wall coming down the steps to my studio.  I haven't finished the edges as of yet, don't tell anyone.

Have a super week everyone, hope to see you stop in.

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