Summer Heat, July 24, 2022

The above picture says it all.  I hope you are able to stay cool during this very warm weather we have been experiencing.

Most of us, me included, have a few projects on the go, but we seem to still start new ones.  I started this Jane Steele, Poppy pattern this weekend.  I wanted to use a wide cut and the widest cutter I have is #8 and I was planning on shading the pedals.  I soon figured out the #8 cut wasn't going to do for shading as each pedal was very large.  I had marked the 6 values within each pedal to keep me on track.  So I either hand cut strips or throw the shading theory out the window.  You can see below my decision. My excuse to start another project is that I have a few events I am going to this week that a smaller project will be easier to carry with me.

In the mail this week, Linda Arenburg finished up this sweet mermaid pattern. Thanks for sharing Linda.

Have a good week everyone!



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  • Love the pic of Sophie!! You are the busiest Hooker I know! LOL :) XO

    • Debra Ackles Adams