Summer Has Arrived, June 24, 2019

The above feature picture is of a purple rhododendron. I had never seen one so large, have you? This was on the turn off to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. There is a house behind that huge bush! Amazing.

I vended at the Shelburne hook-in yesterday. There was a great crowd and they enveloped Shelley and I into their fold so easily. Shelley and I appreciate all of the support shown to us yesterday. Below is a picture of my wool fabric and yarn combo.

The below picture is of Rachael who is hooking a peacock and she added beads and other embellishments. It is simply lovely!

Christine Igot is hooking the below Prince Symbol for her husband as they have both enjoyed Prince's music over the years and her husband had done some work for Prince years ago. They had one of Prince's actual guitar pics, see if you can find it. This rug is simply amazing. Christine has added beads of all sorts and has done some sculpting as well. The second picture shows you more of a side view of the sculpting and beading.


Katherine Slack hooked the wonderful bunny sitting under an apple tree. I love how Katherine has done this piece.

Luisa is working on a 'huge' rug. I love geo's. Luisa said all of the wool has been given to her from her father from kilts. I can't wait to see more of this rug.

Thank you ladies for sharing your rugs with me for this blog.

There are a few openings left for the Large Flower, Hand Torn Strip class coming up quickly on July 9th, 2019. If you would like in on it, please let me know ASAP.

I have some very exciting news! Jane Steele of River House Gallery, is allowing Della's Rug Hooking to reproduce some of her patterns for sale in my shop! More to come on this soon. I am so appreciative of Jane trusting me with her patterns and I can't wait to make them available to you. I have admired Jane's patterns for a long time and have hooked a couple of them.

Shelley and I stopped at Masstown on the way down to Shelburne and on the way back because you can never get enough of Masstown right? I purchased a new flag pole and flag. I just love it! The flag should perhaps catch people's eye when driving up or down my street.

Last year when I had decided I would retire this summer, I promised my grandson I would take him tenting. To that end, I purchased a tent and my son Jacob helped teach me and Denver today by showing us how to set it up and next Monday and Tuesday, we will be tenting in PEI. Denver is so excited and frankly so am I, it will be fun!

Have an awesome week everyone!

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