Summer 2020, June 7, 2020

Summer is fast approaching, it looks like a 'stay-cation' will be in order this summer for a lot of folks. I would like to explore my own back yard (province of Nova Scotia). There is lots to see that I haven't explored yet. It will be my plan this summer to see more of Nova Scotia.

The feature picture above is my progress on my 'quilt' geometric to date. I'm hoping to finish before starting my grandson's fishing rug.

I enlarged and printed out a face picture of my grandson (that will be on the new rug). I wanted to use a method Cindy Gay talks about, to determine where the lights, mediums and darks need to go. Cindy suggests we color or pencil shade the values in. The picture below I'm not sure it will show enough for you but I used colored pencils for the light (yellow), medium (orange) and dark (brown) and marked in where I think those will go. I also dyed up 8 shades of skin tones that I think will work for this rug. I plan on values #1, 2 & 3 for the 'lights', #4, 5 & 6 for the 'mediums' and #7 and 8 for the darker portions.


In the mail this week, Joan shared with me her new 'beach bag' she made. She hooked a jellyfish into some burlap/jute, lined the bag with a shower curtain and she is now ready for the beach! Nice job Joan.

Have a great week everyone, continue to be safe!



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