Story Telling, April 19, 2020

Do you know of someone who likes to tell a story? Do you know someone who likes to tell a story through their rug hooking? I know just the person, her name is Rennie Roop.

Rennie moved to New Brunswick from Manitoba 45 years ago.  She had a long career as an early years and literacy teacher in NB, Vancouver and China.  Rennie loves children’s literature, and her role models include Anne of Green Gables, Lily (of the purple plastic purse) and Olivia.


  In retirement, Rennie has taken up rug hooking.  She sees rug hooking as not just a traditional Maritime art form, but also as a means of telling our stories.  I am excited to have Rennie, share with us some of her stories.

Every Rug Tells a Story, by Rennie Roop

I knew that my first custom piece of rug hooking would be dedicated to my sister, the one who seeks joy.  She designed the calligraphy lettering of my initials for my rug hooking logo.  The two fiddle heads represent my adopted province of New Brunswick.  They form a heart, showing my love for the recipient of the rug. I incorporate these fiddle heads into every rug I create.  I hid my sister’s initials in the background for her to discover.


This Celtic knot was the first rug hooking project I purchased in 2015.  It was to be a tribute to my two sons who passed away in 1999 … a Celtic knot for remembrance. This project traveled all the way to China and back, but it never got started as it was too hot to hook wool rugs!  I started hooking it in September 2017.  When it was completed, I repurposed it to be a tribute to my sister, who made her first quilt as a tribute to Joel and Daniel.  Lots of hours, lots of learning, lots of love went into the creation of both these projects.


More from Rennie in a few weeks. I am so fortunate and grateful to know Rennie and her husband Michael.

In the mail box this week, Shelley and Lynne finished their beautiful rugs. The first rug was completed by Lynne and the pattern is a David Rankine and Gail Lambert pattern. The second rug is Shelley's and the pattern designer is unknown. The last rug is being hooked by Carol Ann and is her own pattern. Thank you ladies for sharing your rugs with us.


Have a great week everyone, stay safe, wash your hands and stay home if at all possible.

I want to extend my condolences to the victims families affected by the tragedy of today. Nova Scotia citizens are strong, together we will get through this and support one another.


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