Still Standing, May 23, 2021

Thanks to Judy Sadler, I am now hooked on watching the TV series called 'Still Standing'.  The above picture is of Jonny Harris who travels across Canada visiting small towns.  He learns and listens to what makes the town tick then performs a stand up comedy about the town and people he has met.  The show is in it's sixth season and I'm fast catching up, I am now watching season 4 already.  I have a list of small towns across Canada I want to visit because of this show, when we are able to travel once again that is.  We've been dealing with this pandemic called COVID for a year and a half now.  We are like the small towns Jonny visits, we have persevered in these hard times, we are still standing and will continue to be strong, thank god for our crafts!

I am almost done my Holly Hill Design called Checkered Past.  Just one corner left basically.

This week in the mail, Barb Black has hooked her version of Starry Starry Night.  It is beautiful.

Joan MacFarlane has finished her pinwheel pattern, I love it! The background is my hand dyed wool called Spring Delight.

Have a good week everyone.

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  • Great blog and I love your matb

    • Barbara Black
  • Love Johnny Harris show and the towns and places he visits. Thanks for your blog.

    • Doris Norman
  • Yup, we are still standing! We are strong Nova Scotia stock we are! Great Blog! Stay safe Sista XO

    • Debra Ackles Adams