Squirrel, Aug. 1, 2021

Do you gather the strawberries when in season and put some down in your freezer? Make jams? Grow a garden? Gather apples to put down in your freezer for apple sauces and pies? The last week in Nova Scotia was sporting cooler temperatures which puts me in the ‘squirrel’ mood to make things for storage for winter. I  baked, and peeled apples.  I can remember as a kid my dad talking about the squirrels and how they wouldn’t survive our winters without storing food away. Do you store food for the winter? Will our grand kids do that I wonder or just go to the store for all their needs?

Can you guess what the below may be? Hopefully I'll have more to share next week!

Thanks to Ineke ordering a bundle of 'quicksilver', this will be stocked once again.  Check out my bundles section for this beauty on my web site under SHOP, BUNDLES.

In the Mail this week, Clare Nye was into the studio and showed off her version of my 'sheep' pattern.  It is lovely, thanks Clare for sharing.

Sharon Harrison shared her lovely pattern by Laura Lynn Langley, the background (yellowish gold) is hooked using my hand dyed wool fabric called Maple Sugar. Thanks Sharon for sharing with us.

Have a great week everyone.

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  • Is it the beginning of a storm cloud? :)

    • Debra Ackles Adams