Smell Fall, October 02, 2022

I think over night it got cooler.  Seems to be more of a big drop in the temperatures every year rather than a slow gentle coolness.  Fall why can't you let us get use to it being cooler maybe 5 degrees at a time rather than 20! The above picture is of my little Russian doll. It was so cold this morning in Halifax she wanted her hat, mitts and scarf!

I finished my Joan Kays pattern I have had for several years.  This was fun to make.  I made some slight changes, no present under the tree but a snowman as I wanted this to be more of a 'winter themed' rug.

I am working on the whipping of my hit & miss rug so hopefully I can share that completed by next week.

In the mail this week;  Wendy Genge, knits for charity, these lovely mitts and hat will go to some very lucky children.  Wendy used my 'wonderlite' 100% wool 2 ply yarn with a red she had on hand.  Aren't they the sweetest?

Last week I was in Northern New Brunswick, up past Fredericton, stopped at Tim Horton's and 'ding' goes my phone, Mary was at the Irving across from Tim's and wanted to say hello and sent me the below picture. I am so glad she reached out and said hello, my logo on my car gave me away, no hiding for me!

Have an awesome week everyone and stay warm!

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  • Love your Xmas tree rug! Beautiful colors! Ms. Sophie is a smart little girl, mitts, hat and scarf would be in order this morning!

    • Debra Ackles Adams