Slow Down, Relax, November 28, 2021

This time of year, it is hard not to get so busy with all that is needed to get done before Christmas and not be a little stressed about it.  It will all get done and it will all be wonderful.  I have these mental checklist in my head though that will make me feel calmer once I have them done.  Time seems to run a bit faster the month of December and here it is upon us this week already.  In a blink, Christmas will be here.  Each day has the same 24 hours in them, where do they go?  If we are very lucky, it isn't as if we are sitting idle every day waiting for time to pass.  If you are anything like me, my retirement has seen me be busier than ever.

I drive to the Halifax area often to visit my daughter and her family.  This weekend was one such time.  About 10 mins outside of my home town, last Friday, it was raining and just miserable, I moved to the passing lane to pass a silver CRV and a transfer truck.  Once I had pulled in front of the transfer truck my rear view mirror showed me the silver CRV also passing the transport truck then before my eyes, the CRV disappeared.  My head was telling me what happened but my eyes weren't believing.  I then looked into my side mirror to confirm, the silver CRV was in the ditch between the double lane highway.  Blink of an eye. Makes one let up on the accelerator a bit, we will get there, slow down.  We try to tell ourselves to slow down and enjoy the moments and smell the roses but until something happens, do we think of it.

I have finished one of my Christmas pillow tops.  My insert pillow is a little bigger than my pillow top but I think it will be fine.


In the Mail this week; Mary McCurdy has finished her wonderful rug of her two chocolate labs to honor one of them 'Charlie' as he had passed.  Wool by Della's Rug Hooking.

Lynne Lines finished up this sweet rug of Dianne's Blueberry fields, she recently attended a Dwight Gallagher course. The reds were provided by Della's Rug Hooking.

Shelley Myers has started her Chinese Roundel.  I am so excited for her as she had bought her pattern the same time I had bought mine but until now hasn't begun it.  The wool fabric is provided by Della's Rug Hooking.  Looks spectacular so far!

Shelley has been also busy making coasters.  These are all lovely.

Have a great week everyone!

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  • Hi Della, Wht a great reminder to us all to Slow Down, Thank you for your Sunday blogs,
    I look forward to them each time.
    All the best fir this Beautiful Christmas Season.
    May the JOY be With You,

    • Susan Walsh
  • Lordy, I hope the folks in the SUV were alright! It usually does pay to slow down and take you time. We never seem to have enough time do we? Love all the rugs and Shelley sure has been busy with the coasters!

    • Debra Ackles Adams