Skies, July 16, 2023

We can clearly see the sky above us each day.  Do we take much notice of it?  I love a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds.  They get my attention every time.  A beautiful sunset or sunrise, can get a feeling from me as well.  We want our rugs to be an expression of our artist abilities but we want people to 'feel' something when they look at it. Rug hookers have been hooking skies forever.  I am here to tell you they are not easy to hook although some make it look easy.  Back in 2021, I gathered all I thought I would need to hook a small sky.  I am not typically a rip out and re-do kind of gal.  I wasn't happy with my rug and I still have my rolling stand of materials gathered to try again, but have I? No.  I had posted a picture of that rug and I'll post again below, you can see, hooking a sky is a challenge for me!

I love to look at the sky from above when flying.  The clouds I think are amazing no matter the colour or shape or from where they are being observed.

One of my customers from Saskatchewan, hooked the below sky.  She had a vision of what she wanted and went to town on a stormy sky with a crow on an electrical line.  Charlene Frehlick wants to make more skies and is hopeful to submit one for the Call for Submissions for Skies.  The Rug Hooking Magazine will be publishing a book all about skies.  If you are interested in submitting your hooked sky, email

I have been knitting waiting for August to get here as I am attending Rug School in Newfoundland.  That lasted until the end of last week and I began some little flower mug rug size mats, mini punched.  Below is the first one completed.  It measures only 4" x 4".

In the mail this week; Karen Pond shared a couple of rugs she has finished.  Some of the wool was supplied by Della's Rug Hooking Studio. Thanks for sharing Karen!

Have a super week everyone!

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