Rug Hooking Retreats, September 24, 2023

If you have never, you should consider attending a rug hooking retreat whenever you can.  They are simply fabulous besides no house work nor making a meal, the socializing with other like minded people and enjoying each other's company and hooking until our hearts are content!  I was privileged to attend the Past Time Matters rug hooking retreat in PEI last week, it was simply fabulous!  This group of ladies welcomed us 'odd balls', Diane and I with open arms.  I truly appreciate the support shown by these group of ladies. A few pictures below of our week and projects on the go.  This group is hosting a hook-in at the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum, October 14, 2023, be sure to reserve your spot with Shelley Lipscombe at

Della's Rug Hooking Wool display.

Fran's Oak Leaf tessellation progress on her rug.

Helen's progress on her Crazy Chick.

A rousing game of 'Left, Right, Center' was had.

Our fearless leader, Shelley Lipscombe, kept us busy all week.  She taught us how to make a Yorkshire button.  It was fun to do, see below result of my work.

The rug at the beginning of this blog is of my St. Nick project that I had started the beginning of this month with Ruth Downing.  I was a passenger for a long drive yesterday to Houlton, ME and back to pick up more rug hooking supplies and I was able to get the edges of this rug crocheted.

In the mail this week; Lori-Ann Lingley stopped into our retreat last week in PEI to visit and showed off her finished rug, pattern by Linda Marchbank based on a Linda Harrison painting.  It is lovely Lori-Ann, thanks for sharing with us.

Shelley Myers completed another Vera's Tree's rug, this time for her daughter but in browns rather than black.  Lovely Shelley thanks for sharing.

Shelley and I hope to see you tomorrow in Northport at the Northport Community Center for our annual hook-in.  I will be there vending with all of Della's Rug Hooking Studio's fabulous supplies.

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Another wonderful retreat it sounds like! You are truly becoming a lady of leisure, as it should be! Great pics of beautiful rugs!

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams