Routine, May 30, 2021

As I sit here thinking about what I should write about tonight, my dog Charlie, is upstairs making lots of noises to let me know it is supper time and I haven't fed him as of yet.  It is 4:50 p.m. and he knows the routine, I am most times making supper around this time of day.  Charlie is usually pretty good waiting me out, but not tonight for some reason!  The above picture is of Charlie rolling in the grass and no doubt there was a smell of something decaying in that specific spot which is the best thing to roll around in.  Makes me smile though at his pure enjoyment of the moment.  We should all learn to 'roll' with it and enjoy the present moment.  I had read some where you will never be as young as you are in this specific moment nor as old.  Kind of neat.

I finished my HollyHill design, Checkered Past.  I am working on whipping the edge now.  This was a fun rug to do.

Now what will I hook next?

In the mail this week, Kim MacKenzie shared her version of the Starry Starry Night.  It is very nice.  It will be so neat to see these all on display this fall, can't wait!

Shelley finished her abstract pattern designed by her and attached it to a stool.  She did a fantastic job, looks awesome.


Carolyn Ames finished her puffin rug, Encompassing Designs pattern.  Great job Carolyn!

I had shared Karen Stratton's finished whale rug in a previous blog but it hadn't been framed.  See below it framed, beautiful Karen, thanks for sharing!

Have an awesome week everyone!


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  • Yes, too bad we all couldn’t just roll around like Charlie and take such great joy in all the pleasures that surround us. We just have to look and appreciate them! Love your finished Checked Past rug! Shelley did a fantastic job on the footstool!

    • Debra Ackles Adams