Reflection, March 08, 2021

There is a country tune that speaks to how you are remembered when you are gone versus 'if' they will remember you. It always stops me in my tracks and I reflect on my own actions and 'how' they will be remembered. Some of the words of the song are as follows:

Did you stand or did you fall?
Build a bridge or build a wall?
Hide your love or give it all?
What did you do? What did you do?

Whether the actions are good or bad is the kicker, we should strive to make good memories. At the end of the day, that is all that is left, besides our rugs!

My dear friend Lynne, brought me a Starry night scarf to match the rug I had completed. So thoughtful she is.

Hopefully within the next 2 weeks, my new website will be completed. More to come on that!

In the mail this week, Patricia Perry finished her rug, she is an amazing artist. A lot of the wool fabric used in her rug I had custom dyed for her. I tell her she turns my wool into beauty every time. She knows just where to place every strand.

Have a great week everyone!

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