Re-Organizing and New Friends, May 29, 2017

Trying to make the most of a small space is challenging and I love it! The featured picture for this blog, you can see a new rack I've put up in my shop. My husband had made it to hang/display rugs and I think I can put it to better use by hanging some wool and patterns from it. The below racks I've organized my colors from light to medium to dark.

Three ladies from BC surprised me late last Friday by dropping into my shop. They are a group of friends traveling around Eastern Canada from Western Canada. They flew into Saint John, NB, Val is teaching folks her braiding tricks and Heather and Lynn are along for the ride.  What adventurous ladies!

I've got a wee little more  done on my background. Hopefully this week will see the last of this.

Have a super week everyone!

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