Rain, Rain, September 26, 2021

You know the saying, when it rains, it pours.  Today seemed to be exactly that.  When you thought it couldn't possibly rain any harder, it did. I was traveling home today from Halifax and I have never driven on the highway with so much water on it before.  It was crazy and I hope all those who had to travel on it, got safely home.

The above picture, is our dear friend, Dianne Bacon who passed this week.  Dianne has been a member of the Town and Country Thrummers for many years and a gifted and talented rug hooker.  Our small rug hooking community is very sad indeed to have lost Dianne.  I can remember a number of years ago, Dianne was driving a few of us to a hook-in or shopping for rug supplies, that detail I can't recall.  What I do recall is Dianne's infectious laughter and no worry attitude.  Dianne was driving and getting lost was a foregone conclusion and we would have fun while we were at it. I remember laughing a lot that day.  Dianne had a wonderful sense of humor.  One year Dianne was part of a video that was helping to promote the annual Fibre Arts Festival, Dianne was pushing a bicycle that had been yarn bombed and she was dressed up in lots of fibres.  Dianne enjoyed helping her community and liked to be involved.  Rest in peace our dear friend.

Last week, Susan Clarke had her 'wrap up' zoom of all the 'carpet bags' that had been made the last few years.  Here is mine that I have posted in the past.

I have been working away at my 'bunka' project and I must say, I am enjoying it.  I had to order up more threads which arrived last week so now I can completely finish this project that had been gifted to me by Vivienne.  Thanks so much Vivienne! Below is my progress.

Great news! Della's Rug Hooking Studio now carries, Valdani Perle Cotton Threads, 12 and 8.  These threads are wonderful for punching, quilting, hand stitching and wool applique. I received 420 balls of threads that I'm sure you can find something to suit you.  I will get some posted on my web site this week.

Nothing in the mail box this week.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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  • I am so sorry to read of Diane’s passing, very sad news. Condolences to you on the loss of your friend.

    • Erin McKenna
  • So sad to hear about Dianne’s passing. It is so hard losing friends.
    I love your bag Della and your bunka.
    BTW… the threads are great for Tatting as well.

    • Lillian Gruntz
  • Thank you, Della for wonderful message. Poor Dianne, we will miss her so much. We have lost so many of our dear hooking friends over the last couple of years. Your bunka project looks amazing so far. Hope everyone can find some happiness in the next while. Barb

    • Barbara Black
  • My condolences to all regarding Dianne’s passing :( I LOVE your Bunka project! It is so detailed! Great work kiddo!

    • Debra Ackles Adams