Good Moments, August 22, 2021

Why is it that 'when' we are in the moment, we don't realize it is a 'moment' to be savored, remembered, looked back on with fond memories?  It is only 'later' that we wish for those good 'moments' to be back. As the above says, 'let life be a series of good moments' is sometimes hard to do.  Is it about mind frame? The mood at the time?  Luck? All of our moments (good and bad) prior to now has helped form who we are as a person.  The moments will occur regardless.  How we handle them is up to us. Perhaps we need to be more mindful (conscious) and appreciate each and every moment.  Something I can work on I know.

I am attending a rug hooking retreat the end of this month in PEI.  I thought it appropriate to start a pattern I have had for years, an Anne of Green Gables, Joan Kays pattern, for the retreat.  I began picking out colours and got excited to start and yes you guessed it, I HAD to start, ok so I did a bit more than start, I couldn't help myself!  I hope there is some left to hook by the end of the month!

In the Mail this week, Joan MacFarlane finished hooking her rug and just has the edging to finish.  A gift for her brother so shhhhhh. I hand painted the wool for the sky.  Joan drew this pattern from a photo she had.

Lori Niechkarz shared her rug she is making for her grandchild.  Della's Rug Hooking supplied most of the hand dyed wool fabric.  Lori has a few more to make that she intends to be Christmas gifts all designed by Lori.  Can't wait to see the rest Lori.

Barb Himelman finished her tree skirt, Encompassing Design pattern.  If you follow my blogs, you may remember Barb began this pattern early in 2019 and this prompted Marilyn Porter and myself to get our butts in gear to hook our pattern of the same.  I'm sharing all three versions below.  Thanks Barb for sharing your beautiful rug!

Barb Himelman, above.

Marilyn Porter, above.

Della Ackles, above, note, forgot to take a picture of it whipped so this photo is of it unfinished.

Have an awesome week everyone!


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  • They are gorgeous treeskirts, Della. Have fun at the retreat ! Maybe next year 😄

    • Barbara Black
  • Love the pattern topic. Do you know, is this artist work still available.

    • Lynn Munroe
  • I just love your “Anne of Green Gables” rug! <3

    • Debra Ackles Adams