Power, Gratitude, Strength, and Love, January 31, 2021

Have you ever done those silly little `first words you see` type thing? At the beginning of the year I saw one and did it and my words were, power, gratitude, strength and love. I don't believe I am superstitious but I do believe we are what we think, eat and do. Let's face it, I need all the help I can get to be a better person not only for myself but for my family and friends. We all have the 'power' within us to make changes, to do whatever it is we set our minds to, so let it out! Easier said than done. I'd like to be more grateful, I don't believe I am very strong and who doesn't need love? I am surrounded by love from my friends and family so I am not complaining. It is interesting though since I've put those words in my mind, how they keep popping up! I finished reading Jann Arden's, 'If I knew Then, What I know Now'. I like Jann, (like I know her right)? She speaks to me though, I like how when reading her book, it is like her videos when she speaks, it is all Jann. She makes me smile and laugh. The words power and being grateful were used often in her book and it resonated with me. I would highly recommend a read of this book!

I finished my Jeanius purse that will match my carpet bag and I finished hooking my carpet bag. See below pictures.


I am 'sometimes' impulsive, ok maybe a lot impulsive. I posted on FaceBook yesterday my flower painting I had done almost 5 years ago and my wool fabric called Fantasia and how the colours on both are very alike and how come I hadn't seen that before and my gosh I need to hook that! I got as far as drawing out the pattern but that was it! Stay tuned for more on this.


This week in the mail, Linda shared with me her finished rug for her new grand baby that is coming later this year. It is sweet.

Karen let me share with you her rug that I supplied the pattern for. Let me say my pattern was the frog and welcome, that was it, she invented the rest and I love it!

Della's Rug Hooking supplied some of the hand dyed wool fabric to Kate of Sparrowhawk Rug Studio in Newfoundland, for her 5' by 5' rug she designed for her living room floor. The four corners represent the 4 elements - Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The center is a pond for the dragonflies. The brown on the sides represents the forest. Kate, you will have to keep us updated, can't wait to see more of this.

Continue to stay safe folks, hope you have an awesome week!


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