Personal Plaids, International Rug Hooking Day, Christmas Ornaments & Fall Blueberry Fields, OH MY! December 08, 2019

You can see from the above picture, our cat, Mr Jaxon has been up to no good once again. Sitting chill-axing in my favorite chair, not a care in the world. Notice anything behind him that seems not to belong? hmmmmmm

It was a busy week last week, so much going on. We began the week on Monday with a wonderful group of rug hookers, learning from Donna Legere, how to make our very own 'personal plaid'. Donna I think will be busy teaching this to lots of you as it is so interesting to look at. Below are the plaids I've done. The first is based on my birth date, the second is based on my grandson (Denver's) birth date, the last is my grand daughter (Sophie's) birth date. The beauty with this is that I can choose the colors I want to work with and I love each of these. I want to expand and put several blocks together perhaps for a runner.


Wednesday was International Rug Hooking day, we had a wonderful group here enjoying each other's company and ...well...hooking our little hearts out. Two ladies, I was told to just call them Shhhhh (Sherry and Shaughney) traveled the furthest, from Wolfville. They were a joy indeed to have in the studio. It was suggested we have this get together here in my studio each year and I think that is a wonderful idea. So mark your calendars, Dec. 4th, 2020, hooking here at Della's Rug Hooking studio!

Janice Boiduk, local (3 doors down from me) tapestry artist joined us and demonstrated weaving on her table top loom. It was very interesting to see. Janice showed us her wool applique project she is presently working on, lots of fancy stitches to be added as of yet but everything is in its place. The sky is my 'Northern Lights' sparkle hand dyed wool. My 'Heather's Red' and 'Brilliant Green' is also in her work. I'll share a photo once completed.

I attended a Christmas craft fair at the hospital on Friday. I needed to have some kits made and decided to make Christmas ornaments for the tree. I had never hooked Christmas ornaments so I had to draw them out, hook them for display and to figure out how much wool was going to be required for each. Below are the results which were very popular at the sale.

I finished up my Fall Blueberry field rug for the Contemporary Rug Hooking group challenge 'seasonal rug'. I've asked my brother in-law Leslie to make me a frame for the wall to hang this as I think that will display it wonderfully.

Leslie delivered more bases to sit on for his frames he makes me. He does such lovely work.

I was excited to receive today my new book by Karen D. Miller, Eyes Open to The World. Karen is a wonderful fibre artist from Ottawa, Ontario. An interesting read looking at what motivates us to create. We each can view the same 'subject' but see things differently. Keep our eyes open so we don't miss a thing on our journey to 'create. Many great rugs of Karen's as well as other artist are in the book for our eyes and hearts to enjoy.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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