Out and About, July 11, 2021

It is so wonderful to see our neighbors from New Brunswick and PEI visit Della's Rug Hooking Studio.  Restrictions have finally lifted and we are all breathing a sigh of relief and getting to see family and friends, priceless! 

I'm posting another photo of clouds.  If I post enough photos of clouds, maybe I'll get motivated to start my cloud rug.

I was able to finally finish up a couple of rugs that I had finished hooking but had not finished the edge.

Ema, was a rug hooking zoom class by Rachel LeBlanc.  I wanted to learn 'how' to correctly hook the features of a face. I modified it a bit as I wanted Ema to have pigtails with a barrette in her hair like my granddaughter Sophie.

This 33" x 53" rug design by Holly Hill Designs was so fun to do.  I used as many worm scraps as I could for the motifs.  I think I was successful.  The background and checkered areas were the only wool fabrics I hand dyed for this project.

I began a new pattern by Tatiana Knodel, I don't have enough done on it to share as of yet.

Many people have asked about my daughter Jenna and how she is making out from her jaw surgery.  Jenna is doing well but will be months before all the feeling comes back in her face and still months of braces but last week was a wonderful moment for her as she got off her splint from the top jaw and she literally cried with happiness as she has never been able to touch teeth when biting and she has never had her top jaw be over her bottom jaw.  Long road as I said yet to go but so far so good.  I thought for those interested you might like to see a before and after photo.  She still has some swelling but it is coming along.

before           after

In the Mail this week, Nena Snyder shared her rug that she designed and hooked with Della's Rug Hooking hand dyed yarns. It is wonderful Nena.

Pauline Verstraten has almost completed her rug, she dropped into the studio to pick up more background colour called Glory Glory B. Isn't it lovely?

Maureen Robertson shared her One Wish rug, pattern and wool supplied by Della's Rug Hooking Studio.  She will have it done in no time, lovely job Maureen.

Have an awesome week everyone and continue to be safe!


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  • You’ve been busy! Love both of your new rugs! It’s hard to believe the difference in Jenna’s profile! She is so brave and beautiful, inside and out!

    • Debra Ackles Adams