One Thing Leads To Another! September 27, 2020

One could say they are having 'one of those days' when things don't go as planned. Last Friday I woke up to water on my basement floor coming from my stand up freezer. If you have a stand up freezer, you know it is important to ensure the door is securely closed. I apparently, the night before, didn't close it well enough. My freezer is one of those you have to manually de-ice from time to time. Mine has been 'long' over due for de-icing. How does one plan such a thing? Who has room in their refrigerator freezer for an entire freezer of 'stuff'? I digress, so there was 'lots' of ice in my freezer to melt on the floor. Before I had my eyes all the way open, I was busy running whatever I could to my up-stairs refrigerator freezer. Tossing 'stuff', re-organizing and trying to get my freezer cleaned out as quickly as possible to start de-icing. Several years ago, I learned about putting strawberries down in the freezer whole and make my strawberry jam when I needed it rather than making it all up in the summer. Several bags of strawberries were pretty thawed out, I probably could have put them back in the freezer but I needed jam anyway so I put the strawberries aside to make jam. This lead me to going under my steps, which is my storage for a lot of things, one of them being my empty bottles for jam. I discovered quite a mess! All summer pulling coolers out, then putting them back, etc, lead to me fixing up the storage as I pulled out my bottles for jam. This lead to 'since I'm there anyway, bent in 1/2 (as area is like a crawl space), I may as well get out my Halloween decorations and decorate so I could put the plastic containers back neatly once done. You get the idea.

I had shown you my rooster chair pad I was working on last week, this lead to me making a second!

In the mail this week, Lynne shared her inch mat she is working on. It is coming along beautifully.

Janice shared her beautiful rug she is working on.

Note regarding subscriptions to my blog. When the rebuild was done, all that info was lost. If you would like to be emailed when a blog has been posted, please re-subscribe at the top of this blog or from the 'blog page'. So sorry for the inconvenience, I so appreciate my customers!

Have a good and safe week everyone!

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