Mother Hubbards, Cupboards, July 25, 2021

Mother Hubbard's, cupboard is full of hand dyed wool yarn.  Doesn't the above picture of wool yarn look beautiful?

I won't bore you with more 'cloud' pictures, but know I am still photographing clouds, mentally preparing myself to hook a cloud rug!

I got quite a bit hooked on my Tatiana pattern.  I had thought I would reverse hook the blue background but changed my mind once I saw a corner hooked reverse.  The backing of linen was showing through.  I know I could have hooked closer but I just wasn't up to playing with that so I took it out and re-did.

When Tatiana hooked hers, she did a lot of what she refers to as 'over hooking' which basically gives a nice thin line around objects.  I tried that as well and said to myself, 'nope, too much work', not doing it lol

Event Reminders, Mondays hooking, 10-2 at the Ottawa House in Parrsboro and Northport Community Center.

In the mail this week, Catherine Robichaud shared her rug she finished of her corn, it is lovely.  Thanks Catherine for sharing with us.

Hope you have a great week!



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  • Your Tatiana rug is coming along nicely! Love the blue!!

    • Debra Ackles Adams