More Skies, July 23, 2023

Last week I wrote about hooking skies and how difficult I find them to hook. Charlene inspired me to ‘try again’. I ‘plein air’ hooked the other day, trying to capture the magnificent clouds. Do you know they can move and change very quickly? I don’t have a photo to share as I don’t have enough hooked as of yet. Maybe next blog.

I did mini punch these two lovely little coasters and backed them with felt. They were my practice coasters as I plan to make more.

In the mail this week; Jean Fawthrop finished this beautiful little rug she has made as a gift for her friend who drew the card you can see in the photo below. So sweet! 

Lisa Dixon finished this lovely Mandala mini punch, she said she loves it!  More mini projects to come!

Jean Fawthrop also shared this lovely rug her daughter had made for Jean & Dale’s anniversary. Great job Lara!

Kim MacKenzie finished this sweet sheep.  Thanks for sharing Kim!


Have a great week everyone!



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