Missing My Hobby, April 24, 2017

I hadn't rug hooked in 4 weeks until this weekend, I missed my hobby.  I've been working on my provincial rug and I have all of the flowers now complete and I'm working on the background.  The cover photo shows how much I have left to do.  Everyone I've shown this rug to believes the background to be black but it is actually a very dark green.  I had thought I wanted the Maple Leaf to be a fall maple leaf so I had dyed up a half yard of textured wool.  Once I got the flowers hooked I thought the background would be too busy and wouldn't show case the flowers well enough so I

hanged my mind.  If anyone would like to purchase this 1/2 yard, let me know.

I finished up my Tall Ship Tale rug, completed the 'herringbone stitch' along the edge, finished the binding and felted the steam coming out of the steam engines.  A friend of mine was going to do it for me as she felts but I thought I'd like to give it a go so I purchased the needles and set to work.  My daughter helped me and I think it looks pretty good.  I think this is finally ready to be displayed at the Fisheries Museum, in Luneburg for the summer along with a lot of other fabulous rugs for the Tall Ship display.  I do hope if you are in the area of Nova Scotia this summer, you try to drop in to see this wonderful rug display.


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