Milestones, Friends & Family, July 10, 2022


Blessings are all around us, if we wish to see.  My dad (Winston Ripley) turned 80 last week and that seems so amazing to me and he has an almost 60 year old daughter (me this October).  Truly blessed we are.

The above two photos of my grandchildren make me smile.  My grandson is styling a new outfit he was trying on at the store.  I was with Sophie most of the weekend and now she is here with me for the week, she just melts my heart, she is such a sweetie.

A fellow rug hooker and friend, Patsy Gorveatte, held a hooking retreat at the beach last week. I call it a retreat because nothing better than sitting outside by the ocean rug hooking.  Didn't go swimming as the wind was a little cool.  Below is Barb Black and I enjoying the beach.


There is a rug hooking gathering that you may be interested in attending, see below for all the information!

I finished up my Agate I had started last week on my Newfoundland Rug Hooking Retreat.

In the mail this week; I apologize, my computer bit the biscuit last week, had to get a new hard drive, I have this wonderful rug to show you but I forget who's rug it is.  Andree Gross messaged me, it is hers! Thanks Andree. Andree said my sterling silver is the background and my customers should see how it hooks up! It is a popular colour for sure. 

 Have an awesome week everyone!

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  • Wonderful! More seaside adventure!

    • Lisa Meecham
  • Hi, Della. Condolences on your computer. 😵‍💫 The mat is mine, I used your beautiful Sterling Silver wool for the background, and wanted your customers to see how it hooked up. I love that it looks like a perfect cold November sky. Sorry it isn’t blocked or bound yet.

    • Andree Gross
  • Great Blog Sista!! Love your Agate rug! Enjoy your special time with Ms. Sophie!

    • Debra Ackles Adams