Memories, November 11, 2019

There is a song by Barbara Streisand that sings about memories, ....'made in the moonlight'....., a very romantic song and one that comes to my mind when I think of the word memories. Does a song come to your mind when a certain word or phrase is said? If we are lucky, we have memories, we can think back to when this or that occurred. Our memories can be our version of what we remember, whether they are exactly accurate or not is hard to say. As we grow older, we remember less of the details and more of the 'overall' feeling. Sometimes the memories can make us belly laugh, others can make us cry. Either way, we are lucky to have them and I for one am grateful for having my memories. This time of year, a lot of people take time to think about those who served our country during war times, how in a blink of an eye lives can be changed. Hold tight to those you love and don't miss a chance to tell them you love them.

My daughter Jenna requested I hook a Christmas stocking for her daughter Sophie for her first Christmas and it needed to be a mermaid tail with scales that had been dip dyed. I didn't know she even knew what dip dyed was. I got to work drawing out the pattern and I now have the stocking hooked and I'm sewing up the edges. I've lined the inside and placed wool fabric on the back. As I sew it up, I imagine the many Christmas mornings, Sophie will have opening up her stocking.

Wednesday, November 13th, I will be vending in Truro at the Douglas School for the Colchester Heritage Rug Hookers. Hope you can stop by to say hello.

I have yarn skin tones available in my studio, 6 values like the below.

I will be vending in Sussex, New Brunswick, November 23rd for the Sussex Tea Room Rug Hookers, 15th Annual Hook-In. This is a fabulous hook-in and did I mention the food is always divine? It is held at the Sussex Senior's Center (Jubilee Hall) , 50 Perry Street. Hope you can come out and join us.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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