Mayday, Mayday! June 28, 2020

Mayday! Mayday! Isn't that how one would communicate when in trouble and needing help? I am really embarrassed to tell you that I am really struggling with hooking my grandson's face. If you thought a couple of weeks ago the photo I had shared with you was funny, wait until you see the below. I'm being brave and sharing with you. I can't tell you how many times I've hooked just the mouth. I'm showing you a few pictures and the last without anything hooked in the mouth as I will leave it blank for a bit until I get brave enough to try again.


In the mail this week, Linda has finished her beautiful rug.

Linda is coming along fabulously on her rug.

Marcia ordered my pattern called Crocodile Rock. Marcia has indicated 'white' crocodiles are known in her area. She has recently got back into rug hooking and is doing a fabulous job.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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