March 26, 2017

6 out of 7 provincial flowers hooked, not bad!  Ok so I haven't worked on my Chinese the last week.  I think I alluded to you last week that my new pattern I received from Jane Steele of 'Riverhouse' rug studio, was calling my name!

I am very proud to be Canadian and we are celebrating our 150th birthday this summer so hooking on this rug just seems right and I need to get it done!

I did manage to do 3/4's of my rug in the herringbone whip stitch on my Tall Ship Tale rug.  It isn't the prettiest but I'm enjoying doing it.  Perfect practice makes perfect right?

I need to get a rhythm going.  Tomorrow my husband is having surgery so I'll be sitting in a hospital all day so I'm taking this huge rug...I finish the edging to keep my hands busy.

I sorted my 'worms' Saturday morning.  Usually I'm pretty good at keeping them sorted but I got lazy the last while and I had a basket full of worms.  Those things have babies, I swear they do.  I use to sort my worms into baggies by color and I didn't worry about cut size.  I hooked a big 'hit & miss' rug, using my worms and I still had loads left when the rug was done.  I now sort my strips into piles and I tie them together with one of the worms and hang them over a basket.  This way I can quickly run my fingers through the pile to find what I need.  For my provincial flower rug, I'm really, really, trying to use only worm strips.  So far so good but a lot of thought has to go into each flower and I'm working in a #3 and #4 cut but my background will be done in a #5 cut.  I found the picture I posted at the top of this blog online so I'm trying to make each provincial flower look like these flowers.  I don't like that there seem to be a lot of 'white' flowers...gesshh

I dyed up a few new colors this weekend.  So much fun in the dye pots.  I created a new category within the wool 'mostly mottled' section on my web site for 'new arrivals' so you can quickly see any new ones I've posted in the last few weeks.

I was trying a new technique this weekend dyeing and I was so surprised by the results.  The below I'm calling Mystic.  A few of the gals online helped me name a few of these new colors.  It is so pretty!

This one was also a surprise and it is called Firestorm.

This one is called Blue Dolphin!

Since Easter is fast approaching I thought I'd play around with trying to create some pastel light purple, yellow, pink and blue and then I rolled up the 1/2 yard into a roll that I'm calling my Easter Rainbow roll.

I thought I had outdone myself this weekend and didn't need to do any more but alas another new color was created I'm calling Tumbleweed.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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