March 19, 2017

They say time flies when you are having fun!  Isn't that the truth.

I'm calling my tall ship - 'Grounded Dream', adapted from an 'unknown' artist sketch, hand drawn by Trevor Proctor.  Trevor is very talented and I'm so lucky he helped me out with this piece.

Not much left to do.  I pressed it this morning.  I'm going to 'try' the herringbone whipping of the edge...I think.  A friend of mine is going to 'felt' the smoke for the steam engines across the rug so I can't wait to see how that turns out.

Onto the 'next' project.

Typically, rugs don't sit around too long with me.  If I start one, I finish it in a timely manner.  I'm sad to say, my Chinese Roundel, I began in 2015 and it still isn't done!  GASP!  I am determined to get this done before May of this year.  I have hooked several 'round' rugs and after each one I say, 'never again and then what do I find myself doing? Another round rug.  Deb Krause inspired me to do this pattern.  I was 'in-love' from the moment I saw Deb's center of her rug.  Deb's colors and mine are different and that is what is so neat to see how others have done this same pattern.  I've seen 4 versions so far and each is uniquely their own.  Star Burgess is also hooking this pattern and her version is gorgeous.

This is a Jane McGown Flynn pattern I purchased from Honey Bee patterns.  It has been the worst drawn pattern I've ever purchased hence why you will see shaded areas within the backing as I've had to color them to know where the heck I needed to go.  That has been frustrating to say the least but I'm stubborn and I will get this done!

I have been busy in the dye pots this week, have a look at my web site to see the lovely new colors.  One new color was a surprise that I'm calling 'Violet Raven'.  It is simply gorgeous!

Rugs I hook are mostly hand drawn by me, but when a pattern 'talks' to me, I just have to have it like the Chinese Roundel.  Last week another such pattern 'talked' to me by Jane Steele of Riverhouse Rug Hooking Studio.  It is very unique, to help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday this summer.  It has all 13 provincial flowers, drawn within a Maple Leaf.  So I need to get to work on my Chinese Roundel but I'm busy picking out colors for the provincial flowers.  They are so tiny I need to hook a flower...or two...It is just too much fun starting a new pattern.

Have a great week everyone!  More snow on the way tonight I heard.


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