March 12, 2017

I think I can I think I can...the little engine that could!  I was determined to get the 'gosh' darn sky done this weekend.  I thought I had 'lots' of wool dyed ahead for it...wrong!  Then I panicked, that sky dyeing session was pretty crazy if memory serves me right, will I be able to dye something to match?  I don't want as much purple, and red, more blue.  Relax, you dye wool woman, you will be fine, look up your recipe and pray you wrote everything down! Thankfully I did and another 1/2 yard is presently drying!  I had over dyed some textured wool and I had some of that left.  I wanted to hook the last two flags so I hooked an Arcadian and the Nova Scotia flag.  I have lots of tweaking I want to do once I get the sky done and I'm anxious to move onto my 'next' project so this has got to get done!

Here is a snap shot of the entire rug to date.

I didn't want to go outside this weekend it was so cold.  Thankfully we had lots of beautiful sunshine which helps one always feel good.

Yesterday I spent the entire day dyeing up lots of new colors.  They are all available on my web site.  Beautiful golds and browns.  I did up some swatches, 1/4 yards and bundles, something for everyone.

I had experimented in dyeing up some green and yellow and it turned out fabulous and a customer that dropped in on Saturday mentioned it looked like the John Deer colors so I had to name the wool that.  I dyed up a lighter version of the same, both are so pretty.

I hope you have a great week and stay warm, spring is around the corner, I just know it!


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