March 05, 2017

Do you ever got off track?  All week I've been thinking about my border for my Tall Ship rug, should I bother with a border or shouldn't I?  I saw a post this week of a background completely reversed hooked.  It looked wonderful and I thought, hey, I could reverse hook my border!  So I finally decided on two things, one there will be a border and two the color, blackish grey.  I made a new color I'm calling Volcanic Ash.  I just love it. 

The ladies in my rug hooking group have been making cushion/pillows since before Christmas, using some wonderful slip covers purchased from the Dollar Store no less.  I was doodling one evening and drew out a page of ideas of what I'd like to hook on a pillow.  Next thing I know I'm at the Dollar Store purchasing a bunch of the slip covers.  A lot of the ladies were using linen backing for their pattern and then whipping it to the slip cover when done.  I thought the fabric of the slip cover was perfect for hooking so I got right to work.  Hence the question 'getting off track'.  Doesn't take much to get me off track but in my mind, I needed to 'practice' the reverse stitch I wanted to do first on a pillow cover before going to town on my Tall Ship rug.

I wanted to do a reverse stitch all the way around the pillow edge.  I see now why the ladies hooked a piece first onto linen, it was a bugger to hook with a hoop and then no hoop trying to get around the edge of the slip cover.  I could have taken apart the slip cover but then that would have meant sewing it back together and sewing and I do not get along.  We have a history...

Yesterday I wanted to dye up swatches of all 12 colors of the color wheel using the Wooly Mason Jar method which I love.  In addition I  dyed up the lovely Volcanic Ash and I got a few surprise colors out of my jars that I wasn't expecting and they look lovely.

A long time ago when I began dyeing, I was told 'save' the drippings left in your cup when pouring onto wool, you can make more colors.  I have done this a few times, but more times than not, I just wash it down the drain.

This looks so pretty doesn't it?

I love how all of the colors look stacked together.

I didn't get much hooking done on my Tall Ship Tales rug.  I have the sky to finish up and now the border but I wanted to see what the border was going to look like and I love it.

Have a great week everyone!

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