Maple Season, March 27, 2022


For those of you who love 'everything' maple, you need to live in my neck of the woods because the 'sugar camps' as we call them, are all around us.  I don't even think about it much as I'm not a fan of 'everything maple'.  I grew up sipping sap from the maple trees my dad would tap and I would go ewwwww, I don't like.  Same to this day, I'm not a fan.  My daughter who lives in Halifax, loves all things maple wanted to walk to a sugar camp with her daughter and husband but couldn't find any near her in Halifax so they came here for the weekend to my place.  Today we walked to one of the camps, learned all about how the trees are tapped for sap, over 3,000 trees at the Thompson camp in Fenwick, NS.  We loved that little buckets were set out by the road for little ones to go to trees to collect the sap to take to the camp.  My granddaughter Sophie loved doing this.  Below is a picture of her with her bucket.  The above picture was water in a ditch along the walk to the maple sugar camp, the reflection of the maple trees in the water was awesome!

I have hooked a bit on my Nutcracker pattern, see below, only the background left to do and border.

In the mail this week; Christa Schmidt shared her beautiful rug pattern she designed to support Ukraine.  Some of Della's hand dyed fabric was used in this piece.  It is indeed a work of art.

 Diane Benoit shared these sweet bunnies she hooked, just in time for Easter.

Teralisa getting her Nutcracker almost finished up as well.  Teralisa's design, thanks for sharing Teralisa.

Barbara Clarke, needed 'just' the right background colour and Della's Rug Hooking Studio was able to custom dye just what she wanted for her background of this beautiful rug.  Barbara's design.

Have a good week everyone!


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