Looking Out My Window With Love, April 26, 2020

Ann Jones, President of the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia had sent the following (I copied part of the message from the email):

We are all in our home thinking of our beloved Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. Thinking of friends, family and people we don’t know – we are all one Nova Scotia family no matter where we are in this world. Our hearts are with those suffering at the hands of such violence and this Covid-19 pandemic.

We all feel the need to do something, to help, to reach out. Here is a small way to share our thoughts and prayers and support by sharing our talents.

Your Guild is asking its members and all who rug hook or are fibre artists to create a small piece, LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW WITH LOVE.

Several patterns have been donated that you can use or you can draw your own. We've been asked to either share electronically on the Rug Hooking Guild of Nova Scotia, Facebook page or you can email Ann Jones at annjones@eastlink.ca. If you go to the Facebook page, the photos are all under 'photo's. It is so wonderful to see all the support. These little windows can be shared with all those in our province needing support. Thanks Patsy Gorveatte for the theme!

The rug above is one I completed, pattern by Barbara Himelmann.

The below were patterns donated by Barb Himelmann, Christine Little and Patsy Gorveatte.


This week in the mail, Barb finished her lovely rug. I had painted the wool for the sky for her.

Kylie sent me these pics of clothing she made using my wool fabric. Kylie doesn't rug hook but enjoys making wool clothing for her children. I think this is just amazing, another use for wool!


The weather has been wonderful but my Charlie still manages to find water in the ditches. This picture below is after washing him up in the shower. Little monkey.

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