Looking Out My Window, January 09, 2021

Yesterday the above picture was taken. It was gently snowing which is always so pretty to watch I find. It has basically been doing this for a week now here in Northern Nova Scotia. I find watching it snow, helps me slow down a bit, and appreciate the little things and reflect on days gone by. 2020 was a tough year for everyone in the world. I'm an optimist, so I like to believe things will get better. We all need to hold on a bit longer and stay safe.

My web site had been down for 2 months and I missed being able to blog to you. It helps me feel connected a bit with you. I am so happy to be back.

I had a very good 2020 business wise year, I am so grateful and appreciative of you, my customers, that enables me to stay in business. Without 'you', there would be no 'Della's Rug Hooking'.

Probably like you, I was able to get a few projects done in 2020. We all have those 'things' lying in the corner that 'someday' we will get to. I think now more than ever, with the world wide restrictions, we perhaps are getting to those unfinished 'things'.

I finished my Christmas Cardinal Tree skirt, (pattern by Christine Little) which I had shared on FaceBook, but in case anyone missed seeing it, here it is again. It was a year long project started this month last year. It looked quite nice under my tree I must say.

One of my objectives for 2021 is to take more 'on-line' rug courses. I began in December a course with Susan Clarke, how to make a 'carpetbag'. I have always wanted to make a carpetbag so now is my opportunity, under Susan's guidance. The first picture below is Susan's carpetbag then the second picture is of my bag so far. It is my own design.


I found the perfect lining and zipper to match! What do you think?

A second course I began last week, was with Wendie Davis, how to make a Jeanius purse. I thought I should have one to match my carpetbag right? Wendie did warn us that you can't just make one! I designed 5 purses, whether I actually do all 5, we will see. Wendie talked about letting things around us, inspire us to come up with a purse design, like linings for the purse. Sometimes a design can be born from that. She was right. I went shopping for lining and I had to purchase two additional linings so I could design a purse for each.

I have four purses cut and ready for the next steps.

I finished hooking one flap for one of the purses, a red abstract that if you look closely, you can see one of the flowers from that red lining in my piece.

I have been very busy in the dye pots. Lots of custom dyeing being requested.

I purchased the Holiday Sparkle kit from Dianne Tobias and Valerie Begeman, they had collaborated on this project. It was fun to do and I had never done this type of border with wool before so that was an experience, not sure if I would do again as I detest sewing but I think it look great with the hooked rug.

I had taken my mother to a doctors appointment, she recently had a knee replacement. My moms doctor is Halina Bienkowski, who is a well known rug hooking artist in our small town. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of her rugs on her office walls to share with you in case you haven't seen her work before. It is wonderful and it looked like all done with mostly yarn.


Have an awesome week everyone. Look for the good around you. Stay safe and healthy.


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