Lazy Summer Days, July 28, 2019

Are you the type (we’ll call type A) to finish something once you start or the type B to put off until later? When making a sandwich, do you put away each item you got out to make your sandwich as you use it or put away later? For both of these scenarios I’d be the person finishing something I started and putting away the bread and butter as I use them. It is funny really how we aren’t ‘sometimes’ type A and sometimes type B we are usually one or the other.

Last week I decided I needed to clean up my personal stash of wool as it was a real mess. I pulled everything off the shelves and threw them on the floor to ‘sort’ out. I wanted the wool sorted by color then by size of piece. When I start something I usually finish right away. Do you know that wool stayed on my floor all week? GASP! I know, strange. Today I finally cleaned up my mess. Must be lazy days of summer, I don’t know but my stash isn’t as big as it use to be. Good thing I happen to know a good wool dyer, grins.

I updated my dye recipe book today. I had a pile of new colors not logged and that is so unlike me as well. Below are some of the colors I had done.

A few weeks ago when I was dyeing up wool for the large flower course I had made some new bundles of colors, have a look below, they are so pretty.

A customer needed some swatches to hook a six value rope. I have 3 extra swatches in the shop if you are hooking any rope, come see me.

Speaking about the Large Flower with Torn Strips course, one of the participants, Katherine finished her tulip. Isn’t it awesome?



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