Keep Smiling, March 30, 2020

I had a relative that use to say to me, keep smiling, it will make everyone wonder what you are up to. But I also believe it makes others smile back. Smiling releases 'something technical' in our bodies that makes us feel 'happy'. This is my theory anyway. We all need to stay calm and relax as much as you can during our continued self isolation's and distancing. I pulled out my rocker and placed it on the deck along with a little table and some flowers. I know I'm pushing spring but it makes me feel good and makes me smile to sit here in my rocker. Thanks Paula for the idea!

I have been having fun filling customer's orders, thank you for your continued support during these tough times. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Below is a new color created on the weekend thanks to my friend Shelley. She calls me up and says, 'you know that color Three Wishes that you used in the background of your poinsettia rug?' I said yes of course, she said 'I want that but put some blue in it and I want it in a yarn rather than fabric'. I got to work creating what she asked for then asked my Facebook peeps for help in naming it and Pixie Dust was born. Perfect name I think for this and I dyed up fabric to match!

Big news, Marilyn finished her Christmas Cardinal tree skirt. It is simply gorgeous! Good job Marilyn. Pattern by Encompassing Designs. Barb and I, who are also hooking this pattern had better pull our boots up huh?

This week in the mail, lots of rugs getting done. Must be that whole staying at home stuff. Speaking of which, Shelley finished off her wonderful pillow.

Norma finished her Snowman tree skirt, pattern by Encompassing designs. This is simply gorgeous!

Lisa finished adding 'sea glass' embellishments in her sea horse rug.

Kim finished her 'LOVE' rug, pattern by Dawn Langham. Kim wanted me to pass along her appreciation for you Dawn paying it forward with this pattern. You are truly very kind.

Linda finished her poppy rug and man it is gorgeous! The poppies and the bees jump off this rug.

A reminder for anyone wishing to review the products I have available, please go to I will be more than happy to assist you. Virtual shopping is fun to do, we can Facetime, Facebook messenger, phone call, whatever works best. 902-667-7447.

Stay safe, stay healthy and yes stay the heck home! Have an awesome week everyone!

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