Keep on Keeping On, August 28, 2022

End of August, how is that possible? Usually the end of August is the sign of the end of the summer. It is so sad for many. I have been on the internet since the late 80’s and back then one would create a nickname to be used online. A friend of mine would refer to my ‘chatty’ nature as an Australian Kookaburra. The above picture I snagged off of Facebook as it made me smile. Only time I’ve got to see a live Kookaburra was at the Moncton zoo.

Last week at the regular Northport Hooking, Bea Hatfield shared her sweater she had just finished. She is styling.

Dolly Pollard attended our regular Northport Loopers hooking and taught us how to attach a rug to a frame. The below picture are those who participated. L-R Suzanne Martin, Barb Black, Kim MacKenzie, Lynne Lines, Della Ackles.

A close up of my Mini Punch rug.

In the Mail this week; no rugs to share today.

Have a good week everyone.

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  • Love your Punch Rug!

    • Debra Ackles Adams