Just Hanging Out

The above picture is of my moms new cat Barney.  He likes to sleep on her foot. He's so cute. He's just hanging out, I feel the same until I can drive, just hanging out here at the house, trying to stay busy as I am able, hanging in there, healing more every day. Staples are to be removed tomorrow so I will be happy about that.

I finished up 4 of my tree ornaments, inspired by Winnie Glavine.  I plan to place on top of my presents I will be giving instead of a bow.  My mom wants me to make some for her so I have many more on the go.

I was asked by a customer the other day, when I was opening.  I haven't closed, I am home and able to service any drop in customers or web site orders.

In the mail this week; no customer projects to share this week.  Everyone must be busy getting ready for Christmas.

Have a great week everyone!


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  • Barney is some cute, as are your Christmas Tree Ornaments! Glad you are staying put and healing well!

    • Debra Lynn Ackles Adams
  • Hi, Della! I’m so happy that you’re resting and healing so well. I bet Mom is happy that she has you at home all to herself for a bit! I really enjoy your blog posts. 😊

    • Andrée Gross
  • Have a wonderful Christmas Della! Sending good healing vibes your way!


    • Diana Gauthier
  • Della I am glad to be able to read about your progress after the operation. You “hang in the Girl”. I ahvae been thinking about you> I love the kitty too.

    • Doris Norman
  • Glad you are improving, Della! Thank you for all your help and great conversation while my sister and I visited you!

    • Elizabeth Thimlar