It's Complicated! May 31, 2020

There has been so much in the news lately in addition to Covid-19 to make us sad, angry, scared, etc. I remember as a child my mother telling me when I was upset with the actions of someone else that there are always two sides to a story. When we read or hear something in the news, we expect it to be correct right? We don't expect people to lie or steal from us. We all want to believe in the good in people no matter their race, we don't want to judge, we want to love everyone, but it can be complicated. I personally believe that the majority of people are good, are kind and loving and I try to surround myself with these people as much as possible. Together we can get through anything and believe in one another.

In Nova Scotia many restrictions are being lifted slowly. Della's Rug Hooking Studio is open for customer visits, max two people at a time for now keeping in mind social distancing of 6 feet. Door step pick up and drop offs can still occur as well as online sales. Do what is comfortable for you. We all want to look out for each other and keep each other safe.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared on Facebook a memory that had popped up of my grandson when he was 3 years old holding up a couple of fish he caught with Grampy. Shelley Withers said I should create a rug from the picture. I have never hooked a person's face so I said NO loudly to myself! Next thing I know I'm asking my good friend Kay LeFevre if she would recreate my picture to be transferred onto backing. I figured an 8" x 10" would be sufficient. Kay says 'no', it needs to be bigger and his little face is too blurry we need a different picture. My rug is on it's way to me and I'm frankly scared to death, afraid I won't do it justice. I've been picking out colors and dyeing the face tones thanks to the Wooly Mason Jar method, by Lucy Richards. Have a look!


Stay tuned, I will share step by step my progress. Thanks Shelley for the push as I would never have attempted this otherwise.

This week in the mail, Linda finished her lovely rug she designed from a photograph of her granddaughter. Lovely.

Pat finished her Dragon Flies pattern by Della's Rug Hooking Studio. Good job Pat!

Darla is a new rug hooker and is doing an awesome job, her fish is fabulous!

Have an awesome week everyone, keep believing in people, together we will prevail.

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