I'M BAAAAACCCKKKKKK! September 13, 2020

Oh my gosh, did you miss me as much as I missed you? Not that I can see you, but I always feel connected when writing to you each week. My web page had to be 'rebuilt' by a wonderful gentleman (Cor), I think everything is pretty much the same as before with a few slight changes. I welcome your feedback if you see anything at all that looks strange or not working right, please let me know!

The feature picture above is of my home, my rug hooking studio is in the basement, from my home to yours, I welcome you to visit anytime you would like. Give me a shout when you would like to visit, evenings, weekends, it all works for me. I'd hate to miss you because I ran up the road to check my mail as I'm the only one manning my shop.

What have you been doing the last month? What have I been doing? Well, I finished my crochet rug I started after meeting with Victoria Graham of Hooking by The Sea. She taught me how to use cotton to crochet a rug. It was a lot of fun to do! My mother is a quilter so I went to her place to beg for some cotton.

I finished this little kit I purchased from Deana Lissenberg, it was fun to do. What intrigued me was it was like a paint by number painting but with wool.


What else have I been up to? I'm almost done my quilt rug, the hooking part anyway. Well maybe not as I've decided I may want to add a darker peach colour around the edge before whipping.

I've been dyeing up lots of yarns and fabrics. I've made a new area to display my yarns. What do you think? The top row are Super 4 ply yarns, hand dyed, Briggs & Little yarns. The rest are Softspun, Briggs & Little hand dyed, 2 ply yarns.

The Town & Country Thrummers, rug hooking group, have started back up here at the studio on Tuesdays. The below are the rugs Kim and Pam have done or are working on, they are both beautiful.


This week in the mail, Laurie Bouvier was in and showed me a couple of her completed rugs, they are beautiful. The rug on the left, the background was hand dyed fabric from Della's Rug Hooking studio.


Carol Ann Cowan shared her completed rug she made. It is beautiful. The background is my hand dyed Wonderous fabric.

Things are settling down to a new normal. My grandson is back in school and he really is happy about that but don't tell his friends.

Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful week!

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