Ice Storms & Hooking, January 13, 2020

This weekend, most of the Maritimes has been getting a mixture of rain, snow and ice. I don't know about you but this gives me the ideal time to hook when it is nasty outside. I don't even realize all that is going on outside as my nose is to the grind/rug.

I've been busy dyeing up a lot of wool this week and I started today dyeing wool as well. I just love how this recipe for my Sunsets and Sunflowers looks in the pan.

I finished my Christine Little design, Hooker Christmas Stocking. It went very quickly as I got time this week to hook. I removed the word 'hooker' and replaced with my name. I covered the back of the stocking with some recycled wool I had on hand and I lined the inside with lining from a jacket or pants from the second hand store. I braided 3 strands of the wool yarn I whipped the edges with to make the stocking 'hanger'.


In the mail this week, I received this lovely picture of Ruth's finished rug below. Ruth had come up to my table at Woolstock, in Tatamagouche last fall, and said to me that she is going to come visit my studio, she needs wool! Ruth was going to hook a rug for her husband and needed blues and reds. When Ruth visited the studio, our regular Tuesday group of gals were there to help Ruth pick out some lovely hand dyed wool for her project. I think it is so neat to see what others do with the wool they purchase from me. I love receiving pictures so please keep them coming!

My friend Shelley is working on a new project and most of the wool she got from my studio as well and I think it very beautiful. This is another Christine Little design.

After I filled up the drying rack with wool today, I saw a post from Barb Himelman, on Facebook that inspired me. Barb is starting her large tree skirt pattern of Christine Little's called Christmas Cardinals. I had purchased the same pattern a few years back but had not started it. Marilyn Porter had also bought this pattern the same time as I had and the three of us tonight formed a group on messenger to share our progress with each other and help motivate us to keep going. So wonderful to be able to share thoughts and ideas with each other, like a hooking group, but virtual. Below is a picture of my progress to date. 3 more cardinals to go!

I hope you have an awesome week!

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